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As the name suggests, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the practice of optimizing your app’s visibility in the app stores. A striking icon, well written description, screenshots, and video footage can help you achieve this goal, which in turn should result in a large quantity of downloads your app. Like I mentioned in Lesson 1, Google uses the app description to find the keywords for an app, so be sure to include your keywords in the description. Successful market research means you’ll know the demand for your app, its chances of selling (or being downloaded) in the App store, and the characteristics of your target audience. App Icons: Make sure that your app icons are simple and communicate what your app is about instantly.

Be more specific and you will attract more of the right users to your client’s app. Converting users in the app store is, in many ways, the same as running an offline business—you must convince your customers of why your product is the best. Show common usage situations and tell a ‘story’ to your customers the usability of your app. How you select keywords and describe your app effects your search ranking and visibility.

App Store Autofill Results – by typing a keyword into the search box you can see the most popular keywords that include that word, such as free (games, music download, music”). Keywords within this field help the algorithm understand with which words a user find your app. Reviews on blogs or social media all help, app marketing website if they haven’t come from one of these places then reviews on the App Store is what is going to count. Just like with app graphics, browse app descriptions of the top apps in your category. Whether on Apple or on Google, apps need to target specific keywords they want to rank in search results for. The only argument to the function is the App ID (package id for Google Play and either numerical or bundle ID for iTunes). AApple developers can gain 70% of the revenue made from selling their apps, as app marketing website Google developers. From my study and research, description is important for both Google Play and App Store.


The paid section is free to try market your app mobile marketing companies one app and a limited number of keywords to track, but be ready for the popups asking you to share for more usage. The app function returns an array of keywords extracted from title and description of the app. You can contact them and order positive app reviews that’ll help you rank better in the app store. Then, we’ll dive deeper into the world of ASO by reviewing deep links and how you can get your app index just like your website.

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Of course, this means that SEO plays a huge role in directing traffic to your app’s product page in the store. In order to successfully compete, you need more of a differentiation than just some smart keywords in your title and description. In an effort to keep a high level of quality for their apps, both Apple and Google seem to rely on app conversions and retention. This page on Indie Game Hunt, an app review site, gives a link back to each of the apps they feature directly to their Play Store url. Typically, the first three lines of your app description will be directly visible in the app store, so you need to make those words count.

As said, the algorithm used by the app function extracts the keywords from title and description. In the app store eco-system, there are two evenly matched players competing for the same space. It’s why Tom strongly advises app developers (and his clients) to reuse audience language” as a means to magnetize customer-facing collateral.” It’s also a super-smart way to indentify keywords that will move the needle on your app. A short burst in number of downloads may even get you a spot in the App Store’s rank. The available tools for keyword research and the app market are far from perfect and a little wet behind the ears,” but to understand how people search for apps check out Google Keyword Planner, Mobile Action, Sensor Tower, SearchMan and App Annie. Doing this may help you to reach your target market, and certain keywords may prove more successful than others. The name fits within the display limits, and there’s no question as to what this app is about.

People can also see other apps you developed, which can be a boon for app cross-marketing and a potential signal in for your credibility as a developer. App Names: Keywords in the name of an app usually allow apps to rank higher for those keywords in both stores. A Forrester study of European app users showed that 58% of Android users and 63% of iOS users use general browsing” of the App Store and Google Play to discover new apps. Difficulty Score is measured on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult keywords to rank for. A professional app promotion company should be able to help you set up a targeted focus group, or offer focus group testing as part of an app optimization service.

Join app developer and marketer Mike Wong as he shares his tips for marketing apps in the App Store and Google Play, using keyword research, indexing, deep linking, outstanding visuals, and other ASO techniques. App store optimization (ASO) is your best bet to gain low-cost app exposure, resulting in boosted app downloads, a higher number of quality users, and increased revenue. And for less than $15 a month app developers can utilise these three primary AppCod services. We highly recommend using the App Radar Keyword Tracker to make this process as convenient as possible. The following provides a framework for optimizing your app for discovery through these app store searches, and converting search result viewers into users.

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